30 June

Teenage Cultural Dance Event

venue : All Patnering Schools
date : 30th June, 2016
Time : 10 AM

Hundreds of teens participated in a traditional, cultural Dance Marathon held Friday, June 30th 2016, 10:00 a.m. - at all patnering High School in Edo State, Nigeria. This was an outreach event to motivate the African Child in every school to be the best they can be and qualify for Scholarship. The Foundation used the medium to celebrate the academic excellence of sponsored children and presented certificates to graduating children on completion of their whole High School education, proudly under the scheme of our sponsorship.

The Teenage Cultural Dance Event has become the coolest tradition of Arise Scholarship Foundation, as it brackets the common values of culture and tradition, while staging the energetic expreessions of passions from the very soul of young people who are never ashamed or hesitant in performing at whatever they find interest. At this year's event, students, Administrative members and community members came together and danced, sang, and partied with fellow students while helping a great cause. It was fun and a considerable handout was also distributed to the teachers helping these kids learn in school.

The highly respected traditional Chief represented the Traditional Council Members of the Great Benin Kingdom, and observed the advancement of traditional values as enshrined in the performances of the young teenage dancers. Thus, supporting the mission of improving traditional values in today's fast paced social society. Pledged were made to drum up more support for more children and advance the cause of the Foundation.

Highlights of the event

Presented awards and certificates to graduating children who performed outstandingly in the course of their studies. Moreso, handouts we presented to teachers, helping these students learn daily to serve as motivation!

Arise Education Scholarship Foundation strives with compassion to sustain development; empowering the underprivileged children of Africa by aiding them get proper education.