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General Questions

Arise Education Scholarship Foundation is a registered and recognized non-government organization built on compassion, working specifically to Educate Africa, by educating one child at a time! It was Founded by Mr. Rex Osagiede and sustained by the collective efforts of like minds since 2007.

Everyone can access the annual report by making an official request through contact forms on our website or can have a printed copy of financial report on visitation at our nearest office.

Arise Education Scholarship Foundation is a non-government organization. We thrive based on compassion of volunteers, we do not get any fund directly from the government, except exemptions on taxes. This somewhat minimizes our overall expenses, however other costs abound. Meanwhile, Government agencies and ministries have been very supportive in providing access to actionable data necessary for our plans and projects.

Our expenses can be challenging at times. From traveling, managing resources, scouting deserved needy kids, monitoring activity and advertising. For our office management such as information system, furniture and other requirement, we sometimes get support from our partner at free or discounted rate and also our team render insource professional services.

We DO NOT ACCEPT DIRECT DONATIONS from sponsors for tuition! Rather, we prefer, a primary involvement of direcct sponsorship of deserving needy children. Thus, we direct all donors’ fund and resources to the children’s holistic educational development, we try to keep donors TUITION SUPPORT off our control by directing it to the School Administrators. Meanwhile, you can contribute anything of value to us to organize event and/or provide needed infrastructures to these partner schools.

There are more than few people, who make contribution in our projects. Therefore, it is not easy for us to prepare report regarding particular individual that comprises where his/her money is used. But, you can see the financial report on demand.

Yes, you can! However, this recommendation must satisfy necessary pre-requisites, regarding the eligibility of the child as deserving and also the individual recommending as a volunteer sponsor.

We do not wish that, neither do you. However, if that becomes the case, we have flexible exits you can use, without posing detrimental effects to the career of the beneficiary.

General Questions

Some full-time employee get salary, others work out of compassion for underprivileged childred. Generally, Most members of our team comprises talented professionals who offer their technical services for free as volunteers. You can become one of us in this capacity!

Although the Educating Africa is an expensive goal, the display of active compassion is invaluable. Thus, everyone’s little contribution will add up to become huge amount that can be invested to carry out the project and campaign in support of our vision.

The cost vary with schools and also the prevailing current tuition of the partner schools. Currently, Sponsoring a child throuhg High School for Males; Sessional Tutition per year; Edo College cost about NGN208,000; Females; Sacred Heart Girls Model Secondary School Ubiaja, cost about NGN212,000;

Outskirts the necessity to sponsor a child, direct donations for events or other projects can be effected by requesting for payment details using the contact form or via email on the website. A direct phone call request can also be made if you are moved with compassion to do same. Our Online donations platform is currently under development.

The Scholarship cost stated covers the High School Tuition, Cost of Boarding, Feeding cost, School Uniforms, Textbooks, Notebooks and extra classes FOR ONE YEAR. This means that, at the end of one year, if the cost is not reviewed by the school administrators, thesame amount is paid at the beginning of a new session.

There are myriads of African Children seeking aid to get High School Education, however, we cannot afford every of their needs following our current capacity. Thus, a child that shows excellent academic prowess and can demonstrate practical need thus qualifies as a DESERVING needy child.

No! We link deserving needy children with compassionate sponsors to attend High School. This is because of the pivotal and critical nature of High School Level in the education development trajectory of the child.

We are growing organization. Our team organizes various special and enjoyable events that grab attention of millions and this will automatically make your brand visible.

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